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Description (standard model)


 Only pneumatically the device controls the pulse valves for in the case of explosion proof condition or no

 electric condition. The 54 series pulse valves are connected to the pressure chamber of the controller by

 small bore airlines. The wiper arm assembly of the controller is operated by a pneumatic ratchet drive.

 It pauses between valve connections for a preset time which is adjustable by the user.

 The pulse time is also user adjustable by means of a throttle valve accessed after removal of the bottom

 casing. During the pulse time the wiper arm passes beneath a valve connection port and vents the pilot

 line to that particular valve. The valve opens and remains open until the wiper arm moves on to the next

 position. The pilot air is vented through the port marked "R" underneath the manual override knob, which

 is marked to show the exact position of the wiper arm.


 The interval is adjusted by a pneumatic timer through the front hole of the unit and the switching time ad-

 justed as described above.


 Fluid (control section): Fitered air-compressed air supply via conditioning unit with a 5 to 10 ㎛ with air

 filter, without oiler (for unpurified compressed air we recommend an additional 50 to 75 ㎛ primary filter.)



TNE Timer

   Temperature range

                   0 to +7, -25 to 70℃ for dry air


                   adjustable 2 to 200 s, set on about 10 s factory

   Switching time

                   adjustable 30 to 1000 ms, set on about 200 ms in factory



   Mounting position


   Material: body:

                   grey cast iron

   Pressure port P

                   G 1/8

   Operating pressure min


   Operating pressure max


   Control port Z

                   G 1/4

   Control pressure min


   Control pressure max