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1. Handle with care. Directly holding valve, outlet pipe and coil for conveyance may cause damage.


2. As to supply clean air into Airbank, you need to clean the air pipe between air compressor and main

   inlet valve by passing the compressed for at leat 5 minutes.

   Be sure to connect the end of pipe with main valve after removal of the particle by above method, when

   you make installation. It is very critical process for valve reliability.


3. There is no particle in the Airbank during its production, but the particles can come from the pipes,

    which may cause operational error. Therefore you should open the drain cock for at least 5 minutes

    after piping.


4. Do not make over pressure when you connect outlet pipe with connector, it may cause air leakage due

    to removal of rubber packing. Torque 4~5 kgm would be suitable.


5. Do not make over pressure when you connect nipple, which may break the bonnet. Screw nipple with

    torque 1~2 kgm would be optimal, cut the hose by 90 accurately.


6. When you connect the header and header with screw, you should use sliding joint and make sure two

    parts are in common center line.


7. Precautions must be taken when you replace outlet pipe with left screw. Do not disassemble for other

    purpose except replacing.


8. Compressed air contents moisture, which can cause operational error, you should remove the moisture

    inside of the header by open the drain cock regularly.


9. When you replace the spare part kit such as diaphragm etc. you should remove the compressed air

    before operation to avoid personal injury.


10. Complete leakage test has been done before release from our factory, so no further test required. In

    early stage of air filling, leakage may happen due to the misfit o-ring, but it will be naturally sealed after

    certain time operation.